Spooky Numbers

Spooky numbers is the first mobile game I published on android store while I was figuring out how to code stuff in corona sdk. It’s a maths times table game.

Play store link

Practice your times tables with Spooky Numbers! Can you unlock FRENZY mode? Can you complete the CRAZY level?

Spooky Numbers is a math times table practice game. Pick numbers that bounce around the screen then get the correct times table answer to get more points and time. If you can get enough correct answers in a short amount of time you unlock FRENZY mode!

– You can change how hard the times tables are, the vibe and game level to get the perfect amount of challenge;
– You can access statistics to see which answers you get right and which ones you need to improve;
– the difficultly of the game is adjustable to a wide range of age and ability levels;
– The game comes with a number of preloaded levels, but you can also create your own levels and test your friends with the Level Editor.

This is a great game for all ages. It is fun, educational and challenging.

Note regarding app permissions: network communication/ internet permissions are required to display advertisements in the game.


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