Far away, aliens of the 7th dimension warp space and time to collect rare space globs. Create gravity and use your special power to collect globs of the same size and color, but watch out if the wrong colors collide the game is over!

Earn coins to buy new aliens with other special powers.
Experience bizarre events in deep space!

Can you get top rank in the Globlien Galactic Hall Of Fame?

How To Play I

Touch the screen to create gravity points that will attract color globs. Collect globs and score points if the same color globs collide.

How To Play II

You can collide lightning globs to earn a special power, and also collect coins to buy more aliens and powers.

Globlien Title

Globlien is a an android mobile game. This is what the title screen looks like.

New Game

Starting a new game you can choose from an Alien character that you have unlocked and buy special powers with coins earned in the game.


Playing the game and scoring a combo. Scoring big combos can charge your special power.

Special Events

Sometimes bizzare events happen in deep space dimensions. This is the eyeborl special event! Strike the eyeborl to spawn more coins.